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Computer-aided-design (CAD) powers the built environment, helping architectural designers to create exciting 3D models from 2D designs.

It’s a process that drives detail and precision in every aspect of design and construction. And for architecture, it’s become an essential part of everyday practice.

CAD has proved revolutionary for building design, with a raft of benefits. These include virtually eliminating the need for reworking, through to the ability to create advanced 3D models that allow the materials required to be calculated at the same time.

Here we look at the benefits of using CAD architectural designers such as Trevaskis Design Solutions for your next architectural design project.

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The advantages of CAD for architecture

Trevaskis Design Solutions provides architectural CAD designs built to complement the construction process, with designs that are easy to update and can be used collaboratively between the architectural designer and construction company.

An advantage of CAD drafting is that it makes it easy to achieve high levels of accuracy, very important when the success of a building depends on millimetres. CAD software is capable of recalculating parameters to 100% accuracy, or changing from metric to imperial measurements, without error.

CAD has also revolutionised the way we at Trevaskis Design Solutions present final designs to a client. Instead of technical drawings that can be difficult for the client to understand, CAD generates detailed elevation views and the ability to preview the design from multiple angles. This creates a high degree of clarity and makes it much easier for you to visualise the completed building.

Even better, advanced 3D models show you what your project looks like from every angle, even down to the placement of internal features. Offering a virtual tour of a finished building brings presentations to life and makes them more practical for everyone involved.

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When it comes to create new buildings, architecture has moved a long way from hand drawn plans. As our homes and buildings become smarter and more sustainable, the next generation of homes and more will be created using intelligent CAD applications.

At Trevaskis Design Solutions, we’ll work with you to produce high-quality 3D designs for your next product, using CAD solutions such as AutoCAD to make sure that they’re as realistic impossible.

As architectural CAD designers in Cornwall specialising in the residential sector, we can take your project from conception to construction, so take a look at our work gallery or get in touch with us today.

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"We contacted Travaskis Design 18 months ago to discuss an idea that we had for an extension on our property. They came out and worked with us to suggest a number of design options. We agreed on an oak extension to the front and side of the property. They completed the design and managed all of the planning and building applications with the local council through to approval. They offered a design and build service which we used and now that all the work is complete, I have to say that the process was seamless and very professional.."

- Steve on Google

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