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Measured Building Surveying

A measured survey produces accurate drawings to scale. If you require a detailed representation of the structural and architectural elements of a building in Cornwall, Trevaskis Design Solutions can help. We have the professional expertise and experience to deliver the core information you require with our client-focused service. 

Measured surveys are highly technical. We are able to survey even the most unorthodox buildings and other land assets.

We deliver measured surveys for topographical and boundary surveys, area referencing, dispute resolution and planning and building controls.

When is a measured survey required?

The most common reason for a measured survey is redevelopment or refurbishment. But your survey data can also be used for:

  • Valuing property or establishing a tax requirement.
  • Supporting planning applications.
  • The sale, leasing or registry of property or land.
  • Supporting a change of use application.
  • Domestic home extensions.

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How can our building surveys help you?

Whether you’re a structural engineer or a decision-maker, our surveys can help you plan and design your next development. Whether it’s a refurbishment or a redevelopment, change of use or conversion of domestic or commercial buildings, our surveys deliver the data you need for a successful outcome.

As architectural designers ourselves, we are able to create detailed plans from these surveys on any new development, and we also work closely with local builders to make these plans a reality.

At Trevaskis Design Solutions, our measured survey service has an excellent customer satisfaction rating.

We can specify your survey to an agreed level of detail, giving you the core data you need for the planning, design and development phase of new builds, period properties, listed buildings and more.

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At Trevaskis Design Solutions, we deliver:

  • Extensive experience in new build, renovation, conversion and extension projects.
  • An expert team of industry professionals committed to the highest standards at every stage of your design and build.
  • Industry expertise and best practice solutions across the design and build process for exceptional results.
  • Flawless results using the best systems and processes to deliver on your vision on time and within budget. 


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